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Your clinical operations are the core of your organisation. Procura makes productivity and profits soar while dramatically reducing errors and redundancy.

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Designed for scalability and performance, Procura Clinical Care has been developed to run as a standalone or as a hosted application. Built with the latest web technologies allowing users to run their facilities with workstations or tablets documenting at the point of care.

The Procura Clinical Care application has been developed from the ground up with input from current customers and industry clinical experts. The application leverages lessons learn from our existing client-server and SaaS based offerings where we have been able to architect the product for scalability and performance, allowing the product to grow with our customers as their organisations expand.

Delivered through a web browser, Procura Clinical Care allows user to quickly access the application, facilitate documentation at the point of care anywhere, and on any device.


Main challenges aged care providers are facing today.


Clinical documention

Funding compliance

How will Procura Clinical Care Software help you address these challenges?

Procura Clinical Care - Addresses - Quality


Procura provides various tools to assist with your quality management to monitor and improve resident care and quality of life.

Procura Clinical Care - Addresses - Clinical Documentation

Clinical Documentation

Procura’s global care plan will give you the power to create, review and update your assessments and care plans to support your residents’ needs and goals.

Procura Clinical Care - Addresses - Funding Compliance

Funding compliance

The ACFI funding maximiser tool has been designed to provide various tools to maximise funding by analysing, comparing, validating and optimising your funding claims. 

What does Procura Clinical Care Software Solution for Aged Care offer?

Procura Clinical Care - Flexibility of being able to develop own clinical content without paying for software code changes.

Flexibility of being able to develop own clinical content without paying for software code changes.

Procura Clinical Care - Web-based solution

Web based solution, built with the latest web standards and technologies.

Procura Clinical Care - Scale as you grow

Scale as you grow without sacrificing application performance.

Procura Clinical Care - Online solution

Online solution – save time on workflows, reducing/eliminating paper documentation.

Procura Clinical Care - Device agnostic

Device agnostic – access your clinical care information using any latest web browser available on all modern devices.


Procura provides various tools to assist with your quality management to monitor and improve resident care and quality of life.

  • Flexibility for organisations to develop their own charts and assessments without the need of coding changes

  • Built on a Microsoft stack with MS SQL server - understandable data model for extensibility

  • Intuitive, ease of use - UI designed by health UX developers

  • Web delivered to allow for documentation at point of care

The Procura Clinical Care Suite incorporates

  • Automated care plans

  • Clinical assesments

  • Progress notes

  • Records & charts

  • Diagnosis and Allergy Management

  • Electronic task and Diary Management

  • Infection Control Management

  • ACFI Management

  • Incident Management

  • One-stop access to information

Customisable assessments
and care plans

Risk assessment tools and integrated assessments are available and easily accessible. Furthermore, Procura’s global care plan function gives you the power to create assessments and care plans that match your paper documentation, eliminate redundant data entry and improve your documentation of care.

Drive  daily processes

You want to be able to communicate with various aspects of your organisation and process documentation as quickly as possible, and you’ll be able to do so with Procura’s reports, graphs and alerts.

client record

Put vital resident information at your fingertips. Admission details, diagnosis history and allergies, progress notes, assessments & care plans, charts and incidents can be easily accessed for all your residents.

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Enabling care providers to leverage the knowledge and expertise to support ageing in place and the provision of disability services.

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