Procura Medication Management Software

Enabling care providers replace paper medication charts in aged, community and disability care facilities.

A single point of profile-based access for all of a patient’s medications.

Procura Medication Management solution lets you replace paper medication charts in aged, community and disability care facilities. Medication management software helps providers to prescribe clients the right medicine at the right time.

Procura Medication Management streamlines the medication prescribing, pharmacy review and administration processes to reduce risk, confusion, error and inefficiency, and improve coordination between care facility teams.

Procura Medication Management - Reporting at facility and corporate level

Reporting at facility
and corporate level

Procura Medication Management - comprehensive audit trail

Comprehensive audit trail

Procura Medication Management - Ward stock control

Ward stock control

Procura Medication Management - Integration with all pharmacy, prescriber and facility software

Integration with all pharmacy, prescriber and facility software

Procura Medication Management - Offline backup system

Offline backup system

Procura Medication Management - Risk Reduction

Risk reduction

Administer medication based on information taken from online chart.

Procura Medication Management displays what to give to a resident at a specific dose time, and enables staff to record the outcome of that administration all on a mobile device with automatic recording of date, time and staff members name.

Procura Medication Management - Accuracy


Right information to the right person in real time.

The electronic chart is the single source of truth for medication. Procura Medication Management can to be used online and offline, so meets your disaster recovery requirements for a cloud based system.

Procura Medication Management - Integrated Solution

Integrated solution

Cloud-based medication charting and management.

Cloud-based, integrated medication charting brings care facilities, pharmacies and prescribers into a shared interface for complete and comprehensive medicine management in real-time.

Procura Medication Management Software Solution

End-to-end medication management. Procura Medication Management brings clarity and up-to-date information to all providers of care – nursing, pharmacy and prescribers.
  • User-friendly interface specifically designed for care facility staff

  • Australian standards compliant

  • Medication reminders

  • Notification of chart changes to pharmacy in real time.

  • The Prescriber can make changes from any location to ensure all charts are always authorised for supply and administration of medicines

  • Full reports, actions, staff, therapeutic medicine groups, analysis and audit log.

  • Securely access and manage charts via web anytime, anywhere

  • Medication administration records can be viewed to facilitate good clinical decisions.

  • Care plan integration

  • Off-line capabilities

  • Intuitive medicine list, to make medicine selection faster and simpler

  • Forward date stops and starts as needed to match clinical decisions

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