Procura Data Management and Analytics

Data management and analytics are more than graphs and charts. It’s about insights and understanding.

Providing insights, data governance and improve outcomes.


Procura Data Management and Analytics, powered by ZAP,  is an out-of-the-box reporting and business insights solution which fully integrates with and complements the Procura Aged, Community  and Disability Care solution.

All sectors of the Aged, Community Care and Disability industries are facing new business models and internal disruption. Embracing new technologies such as Procura’s Data Management & Analytics for aged and community care services can assist in being a key factor in the sustainable growth of providers, delivering improved analytical capabilities and empowering decision making.

How will Procura Data Management and Analytics sofware help you?

Procura Data Management & Analytics powered by ZAP provides insights, data governance and improves outcomes for the management team and care team alike. 

With trusted analytics from quality data, one source of truth is delivered anywhere anytime, from all your data sources. 

Build your own analysis with a wide variety of visuals, geared for different audiences and made relevant to the respective roles such as finance or operations, with access rights also granted by roles. The format is easy to understand with drill down functionality and brings a variety of perspectives to the data. It enables you to see trends, set up system alerts, tailor dashboards, and monitor KPI’s and exceptions, all with great end user freedom.

Role-based dashboarding and reporting

Procura Data Management and Analytics is a role based solution enabling aged and community care providers to define who within an organisation is entitled to view which part of the solution. Within this context, access rights are granted by roles and when, for example, a CEO, logs in the respective dashboard and reports are loaded automatically.

Management Dashboard
that asks what is the value of accommodation bonds across all and by individual facility? How are we tracking in terms of occupancy across the group and by facility? 

Director of Care Dashboard
that asks what are the areas where most incidents occur? Are there any trends relating to resident incidents? What are the types of incidents?

Facility Manager Dashboard
that asks how are KPI’s tracking against targets? What are the reviews that need completing so that funding is not impacted? What is the level of bonds across a facility?

Deep integration with Procura

Procura Data Management & Analytics  can be fully integrated with both Procura Community and Disability Solutions, Procura Residential Management and financial data from your ERP Solution. Providing a rapid return on investment with increased productivity from the richness of data and insights, delivering outcomes for improved client care and operational efficiency.

Procura Data Management and Analytics Features and Benefits

  • A single, complete solution to meet all business intelligence needs

  • Regain lost productivity

  • Efficiency gains and speed of implementation through pre-packed Insights

  • Report navigation and usability

  • Reports, charts, ad-hoc analysis

  • Scorecards and business templates

  • Powerful analytics that make a difference to the operation

  • Minimal technical resources required = low TCO and rapid ROI

  • Flexibility to adapt the solution

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Powered by ZAP

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