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Surviving and thriving with Consumer Directed Care (CDC)

Setting the Benchmark in CDC Package Management

Procura’s Package Management Software Solution delivers care plan, service plan and integrated scheduling functionality to ensure compliance, transparency and consistency when managing Consumer Directed Care (CDC) packages.

Procura’s Package Management Software Solution reduces the administrative load for home care, aged care and disability service providers from the first point of client contact, and providing complete transparency and insights into client budgets, statements and schedules.

Procura’s CDC journey began in 2012, when we engaged with a group of customers, who had first-hand experience with trial CDC packages, to determine the requirements of a software solution to meet the challenges CDC was bringing to their organisations, and from this our Package Management solution was developed.

Responsive to challenges and changes as they occur

Our Package Management Solution allows organisations to manage the requirement of an individualised consumer budget for the package they are receiving, as well as the details of that package, (i.e., costs, capacity and forecasting). Our solution can also manage this type of information through reports at the Package or Consumer level.

This allows organisations to manage the number of packages that are available for prospective consumers, as well as statistical information of the Package details themselves, (i.e., total costs per services type, etc.)

Procura’s flexible design and configurable architecture mean it can easily keep up with the face of legislative changes as well as organisational changes and growth as they occur. Procura Package Management Solution no only provides solutions to the challenges of care package delivery today but opens up the possibilities to develop new, innovative models of care into the future.

Procura Packagement Management Software Key Features

Package Management - Scheduling


Displays a snapshot of the consumer’s package and aids the collaboration between consumer and case manager.

Package Management - Forecasts


Displays a month-to-month view of upcoming statements, and displays a projection of the expenditure to meet the available budget. Leave dates applicable to the forecast month are also included on this screen.

Package Management - Statements


Enables case managers to view statements generated for the consumer. The Statement details the consumer’s fees that are payable, monthly expenditure and available budget remaining.

Package Management Reporting

Package Management Reporting

Various reports are available to assist organisations to manage package capacity, perform statistical analysis, reconcile with Medicare Claiming, review consumer forecasts, manage leave balances and review income and expenditure at the consumer or package level.

Package Management - Transfer Wizard

Transfer Wizard

The Transfer Wizard allows organisations to seamlessly transition consumers between the package levels, enabling continuity of services and rolling over the consumer’s closing balances to the new package level.

Package Management - Budget Simulator

Budget Simulator

The Budget Simulator will provide the opportunity for both client and case manager to view the potential budget before it’s locked in.

Case Management Software

Provide your case managers with the clients’ clinical and historical information at the point of care.

Whether accessed in the office or at the point of care, Procura offers support tools such as clinical pathways, workflow and alerts and integrated forms and assessments to enhance your quality of care.

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Procura Community and Disability Services Software Helps You To:

Procura Package Management - Effectively and accurately manage client information from many remote locations.

Effectively and accurately manage client information from many remote locations.

Procura Package Management - Centrally co-ordinate and understand this information using a Single Health Record.

Centrally co-ordinate and understand this information using a Single Health Record.

Procura Package Management - Manage your contracts and reporting requirements.
Manage your contracts and reporting requirements.

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