Procura Client and Family Portal

Social care improves client interaction and lowers costs

Procura Client and Family Portal is your gateway to empowering client connection.

The Procura Client and Family Portal provides a link between the provider and a client’s family allowing not only a client but also their family members to view and collaborate on a client’s care.

The application allows a client or their family to communicate with their provider electronically to request new services or general messaging. The family members can also post photos and short messages in the Family Connect page – an area for the family to the share.

Fully integrated with Procura’s Solution Suite

Procura Client and Family Portal improves client involvement and communication with both provider and the clients’ care network. It provides an extra layer of transparency for the client by providing easily accessed insights into both their budget and schedule information.

Clients have the ability to view schedule information, request changes or new services, confirm services have occurred, share documents, view listed invoices and statements and pay invoices by credit card. They can also share and post messages and photos to their family and their care network via a secure portal, achieving improved and effective communication.


Mailbox allows users and providers to communicate without having to call the provider. Users can also send messages to each other, forward those messages and ‘star’ messages – allowing for easy viewing. The mailbox is contained within the portal and the provider Procura Back Office creating a secure messaging system.


The schedule has four views – day, week, month and agenda providing the user with different ways to view their visit data provided by the provider. By hovering over these events the user can see detailed information on the visit and request a change to that visit. This change request is sent through to the agency by data note of a different type to messaging, allowing a workflow task to be created for a planner.

Online accounts

Users of Client and Family Portal can view and pay invoices through our partnership with Pin Payments. After paying an invoice the payment is automatically posted back into Procura and updates the Client and Family Portal to display the remaining outstanding balance.

Document sharing

The Procura Client and Family Portal also provides a way for users and providers to share documents through our document functionality. Only documents uploaded by users can be deleted by that user and the user can also choose who to share that document with within their own contacts. The provider manages documents the way they already are through client information, but select the type ‘Portal Documents’ to share it with the Procura Client and Family Portal.

Client and family connect

Client and Family Portal ‘Connect’ is a sharing feature much like other social networking providers where clients and contacts can upload photos or short messages to be shared with friends and family who are part of the clients Client and Family Portal.

User settings

Through settings the users can change their password, manage their time zone settings and invite new users to view their portal. The client from here can also set what parts users can view of their Client and Family Portal as contacts, giving or denying access to information.

Procura Client and Family Portal Features

  • Online messaging from Customer to Provider

  • Schedule provides client a view into their planned appointments

  • Pay invoices online through Pin Payments

  • Share and upload documents with Clients and Provider

  • Client can invite new contacts via the settings page.

  • Clients can create personal events on the schedule. This information is not shared with Procura.


  • Reduced calls to contact centres

  • More efficient management of schedule requests and changes

  • Reduction in postage for Agencies – Online delivery of Invoices

  • Reduction in printing and handling costs of those invoices

  • Reduction in handling of payments of invoices

  • Increased communication with clients

Online portal for employees

As part of Procura Mobile Health solutions, Procura Employee Portal helps your employees take control of their job information by allowing them to change their availability, view their schedules, respond to work offers and view important client details all through the same, secure, web-based portal.

Keeping all of this information online eliminates the need for tedious paperwork and helps keep things organised. Field staff are able to view up-to-date schedules and offers of work as well as electronically logging their timesheets and expenses. Looking to increase employee satisfaction? Taking away all the after work documentation will give it a boost!

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