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Pain Management Improving Outcomes for Clients

Understanding the pain levels and prescribing the appropriate medication levels to ensure patients are comfortable and pain free as much as possible can be challenging when the patients are unable to accurately communicate their pain intensities due to dementia or other cognitive decline conditions.


Procura Partners with PainChek Pain Management

Procura has recently announced a key strategic partnership with PainChek, an innovative mobile-based pain assessment solution. The PainChek APP integrates with Procura’s next generation Clinical Care Management System maximising the benefits of PainChek and providing a revolutionary tool to help give a voice to those who cannot verbalise their pain levels, transforming pain management. Procura’s integration with PainChek improves client care. Through smartphone and tablet camera scanning PainChek utilises artificial intelligence to analyse clients’ facial images applying facial recognition analytics, then assesses and scores their pain levels in real time and updates clients’ records in the cloud. PainChek provides carers with the ability to identify the presence of pain, quantify the severity of pain, and monitor the effectiveness of pain management.


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