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Procura Crosses the 170 Million Mobile Electronic Visit Verification Mark

Victoria, BC, August 22, 2019. Complia Health announced today that its Procura health management platform has crossed the 170 million mobile Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) mark.  EVV is the use of mobile technologies that permit home and community care workers to check in and out of a client service visit.  This feature set serves to replace paper timesheets that are time consuming to verify, and provides an added mobile worker safety capability.

“The Procura platform released its first mobile product in 2002,” said Scott Overhill, Complia’s CSO and Procura Global Division GM, “however, we’ve only been keeping track of mobile EVV statistics since 2012 and therefore the actual number is likely much higher.  The 170+ million mark represents over 22% of all client visits that have been scheduled in Procura.  This is up 12% from 2014. The increase is significant in large part due to the correlations we’ve seen: customers who adopt our mobile products realize gains in efficiency, as well as the benefit of a more connected workforce.”

The Procura mobile products feature discipline-specific observations, assessments and clinical documentation capabilities in the form of a mobile community EHR system that operates seamlessly with the Procura Scheduling and EVV modules. “The Procura mobile products offer far greater capabilities than other ‘stand alone’ mobile EVV solutions,” stated Martin Ambrose, CEO of Complia Health. He continued, “We are on a mission to eliminate paper in home and community care.” We’re pleased with the progress of adoption and we see it accelerating as our enterprise customers further embrace the solutions.”

The development and success of the Procura platform and its mobile products is consistent with the Complia Health mission: to enhance the healthcare experience. Complia Health is continuing to demonstrate its experience and leadership in delivering innovative, differentiated mobile technologies within its software portfolios in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

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