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Complia Health Releases Procura 9

Procura is excited to announce its major release; Procura 9. Procura offers solutions for Home Care, Community Care, and Disability service providers that are designed to meet the dynamic environment in which they work.

Built with the active participation of its Enterprise customer base, the Procura 9 release delivers cross-functional innovations to further improve efficiencies for organisations of scale. Procura 9 recognises the challenges faced by business to meet regulatory requirements, effectively utilise and retain a mobile community workforce, ensure customer satisfaction and retention and drive operational efficiencies whilst maintaining a competitive edge.

To help address these challenges, the release of Procura 9 includes;

  • The next generation of the Procura Client and Family Portal;
  • Optimised and secure communications between clients, family caregivers, and provider staff, reducing telephone traffic for many every day communications;
  • Optimised location-based scheduling of assignments to recognize that a client may be cared for at multiple places of service;
  • Automation of appointment reminders to clients;
  • For Personal Support Services, Procura Mobile 3.0 delivers unlimited customer-defined observation templates to better support complex care scenarios;
  • Extended and scalable mobile image capturing via Procura Mobile 3.0 in order to better inform provider clinical personell in between their direct care visits;
  • Extensive interoperability solutions, including:
    • Extensions to the Procura RESTful API suite to extend interoperability;
    • APIs to support integration with corporate telecommunications infrastructure;
    • The first ever community-based Care Exchange™ API and associated CIS Inbox for interoperability between providers and their referral sources;
    • Health system connectivity, permitting the seamless transitions of care between community, ambulatory, and residential settings;
    • Connectors for the soon-to-be-released next generation Procura Clinical Care residential and community clinician modules.

These are just some of the exciting features that are included as part of Procura 9, enabling operational efficiencies and better care delivery outcomes.

Want to know more about Procura 9? Head to our discussion forum or contact your Account Manager.

About Procura
Procura is part of Complia Health’s product portfolio, providing clinical, operational, and financial solutions for community care, disability services, independent living and residential aged care organisations. Procura is a fully integrated system able to manage the continuum of care through our robust back office and mobility solutions, decreasing costs and enabling providers to improve the quality of client care.

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