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Procura Enters South Australian Market

Procura Aged and Community Care Software System is entering the South Australian market through a partnership with Helping Hand aged care.

A portfolio product of parent company Complia Health which operates in Canada, the United States, New Zealand and Australia, Procura is designed to transform client and staff systems in the recently reformed Home Care services space.

‘The introduction of Procura will dramatically improve the customer experience through a more intuitive and user-friendly interface and will offer a variety of mobile and internet technologies including Client Self Service online,’ said Helping Hand CEO Ian Hardy.

‘As our Home Care services grow and as we respond to legislative and market changes, we are investing in systems to keep pace with client expectations.’

Procura will also have a significant impact for Helping Hand staff improving rostering, reporting, training and data management processes.

Helping Hand selected Procura after an exhaustive tender process based on its ability to meet needs within Australia’s Consumer Directed Care environment.

‘Procura software is one of the few Community Software vendors who have adapted their software to meet the requirements of Consumer Directed Care providing a comprehensive budget and statement capability,’  said Procura Global Head of Product Kyle Stewart.

‘We are excited to be introducing this technology to the South Australian market and partnering with Helping Hand.’

The Procura system will be fully implemented at Helping Hand by the end of 2017.

About Helping Hand

Helping Hand is one of South Australia’s most trusted aged care providers servicing the community since 1953 providing home care, independent living and residential aged care services to more than 7000 people across the state.

About Procura

Procura is part of Complia Health’s product portfolio, providing clinical, operational, and financial solutions for aged care services, home care and disability, independent living and residential aged care organisations.

By design, development and support of a full end-to-end software solution, with a single client record, across all points of care in the Aged, Community, and Disability Sectors, the Procura solution is focused on enhancing back office efficiency, scheduling, and coordinating clinical care delivery for its customers’ field and clinical workers. Procura is a fully integrated, back office residential services, clinical, community, disability and mobility solution that decreases costs, and enables providers to improve the quality of client care.

Our solutions provide a modern, business-forward approach to the clinical, operational, and financial complexities of delivering long-term and post-acute care.

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