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Procura Paves the Way for a More Efficient Mobile Aged and Community Care Future

Helping your care professionals provide excellent service

Procure understands the pain points for care staff who work in a mobile capacity. They need the convenience of:

  • Accessing client information and health records
  • Knowing their updated schedules
  • Submitting their timesheets easily

We know that businesses want to decrease the administrative load, double handling, mistakes and time wasting, which traditional paper and outmoded systems can cause. These inefficiencies lead to unnecessary costs to a business’s bottom line.

Providing a digital holistic approach for clients and staff

One of Procura’s clients, Just Better Care, an Australian in-home support provider delivers over 17,000 support hours to 2850 individuals across Australia. They have told us that deploying Procura’s Mobility Options Suite has increased the efficiency of their operation, resulting in happier clients and employees, as well as reducing long term costs to the business.

Sue Buckle, Director of the Hills District, describes how Procura’s Mobility Options system has made the business process of payroll more efficient:

Gone are the days of chasing timesheets and printing & storing paper timesheets!  Time to process payroll has decreased significantly, costs have decreased for both the office and the Support Professionals, and staff satisfaction has increased.

Administering a mobile workforce is made easier by providing a digital platform that allows real-time communication and information sharing, the ability to track the progress of healthcare staff and support them when they need it most, in the client’s home. Sue Buckle again:

Our Support Professionals also tell us that they like Mobility Options – they have all their information, in real time, on their phones when they visit their customers, and no longer have to be using timesheets. Safety for both customers and our team has increased. We know quickly if a Support Professional has not arrived at their Customer’s home on time and we would know quickly that a Support Professional had not left a customer’s home when scheduled.

Procura’s Mobility Options Suite offers a range of operational choices to suit a variety of business sizes and budgets. Procura software specialists have the depth and breadth of industry experience to work with you to find the best mobile solution for your organisation.

Have you got your mobile care solution in place for the impending CDC implementation date of 1st July 2015?
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