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Just Better Care embraces Procura Mobility

Just Better Care is an Australian in-home support provider delivering over 17,000 support hours to 2850 individuals across Australia.

In 2013 a decision was made to implement Mobility Options nationally as a way to provide better access for our support professionals to real time client information as well as bring efficiencies to our weekly payroll and billing processing.

Implementing Mobility Options has not been without its challenges and has taken a great deal or persistence and patience by our offices to manage a huge shift from paper based documentation to a fully mobile solution.

The Just Better Care Hills District office in NSW has managed this huge change with much enthusiasm and now has all staff using the mobile device. Sue Buckle, Director of the Hills District states that’s using this system has improved their business processes, giving greater efficiencies especially around payroll. Gone are the days of chasing timesheets, printing & storing paper timesheets! Time to process payroll has decreased significantly, costs have decreased for both the office and the Support Professionals, and staff satisfaction has increased.

Our Support Professionals also tell us that they like Mobility Options – they have all their information, in real time, on their phones when they visit their customers, and no longer have to be using timesheets. Safety for both customers and our team has increased. We know quickly if a Support Professional has not arrived at their Customer’s home on time and we would know quickly that a Support Professional had not left a customer’s home when scheduled.

It’s projected that Mobility Options will have been implemented across all Just Better Care sites by the end of 2014.