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Grey Revolution Episode 5 - Sean Grealy - Innovation and Entrepreneurship

How startups & aged care can best support each other through uncertainty and industry challenges.

Interested in startups and aged care?

Sean chats about how to prove you’re ready to take on challenges and how facing uncertainty can be shared amongst us all.

Sean Grealy is a Generation Y, and five years ago he graduated high school started a successful sales career and never thought aged care would be where he would end up.

Today Sean is studying a Bachelor in Entrepreneurship at the University of Adelaide, travelled to Israel and Silicon Valley as part of the Hacker Exchange and works with student start-ups from Australia and France for The Aus eChallenge. He’s been an advocate for our ageing industry and started Care Konnect to solve his own family problem.

About Samantha Bowen
Samantha Bowen is the founding Director of Acorn Network, and an advocate for building the aged care workforce of the future. Her business focuses on engaging young professionals, encouraging their leadership skills and supporting intergenerational connections.

About the Acorn Network
Acorn Network Pty Ltd was founded in 2014. Acorn Network’s core purpose is to support tomorrows aged care professionals to step up and shine. We use youth friendly practices to engage and highlight the possibilities that exist across the aged care industry. Learn more about the Acorn Network.

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