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Grey Revolution Episode 3 - Kelly Gray - Co Design in Ageing

Have you ever considered co-design or wondered how empowering those around us can lead to better ideas and new ways of doing?

On this episode, Samantha talks with Kelly Gray. The Founder of My Care My Choice.

Over the past 13 years, Kelly has gone from a receptionist and student with a limited understanding of ageing issues to a leader in helping seniors find their voice and share experiences in Western Australia’s aged and community care space. As a young leader (and Generation Y) she’s put in the hard yards, with over 200 hours of research on co-design in care environments, implementing these practices across Australia, and has also helped care provider prepare for new business models in the Consumer Directed Care environment here in Australia.

Kelly’s journey of being a social entrepreneur will inspire you. We’ll touch on our shared passion for workforce flexibility but mainly we’ll discuss why it’s important to find your champions, chat about the challenges she’s faced, and you’ll hear her passion for meeting people as equals on our journey to creating new solutions.

About Samantha Bowen
Samantha Bowen is the founding Director of Acorn Network, and an advocate for building the aged care workforce of the future. Her business focuses on engaging young professionals, encouraging their leadership skills and supporting intergenerational connections.

About the Acorn Network
Acorn Network Pty Ltd was founded in 2014. Acorn Network’s core purpose is to support tomorrows aged care professionals to step up and shine. We use youth friendly practices to engage and highlight the possibilities that exist across the aged care industry. Learn more about the Acorn Network.

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