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Grey Revolution Episode 2 - Stuart Smith, Disruptive Technologist

How do gaming, astronauts, and parliamentary papers have to do with ageing?

Stuart Smith is an international researcher with a passion developing technologies that facilitate independent living for all ages and abilities, and he’s currently the Business Development Manager (Research) at Southern Cross University.

His career has taken him from working with NASA in California to falls research in Ireland, working with Microsoft, Intel, Sony and other technology companies to develop games for older adults to not only reduce their risk of falls but in a really fun way!

Along his career in ageing, Stuart has earned the title of the Disruptive Technologist, using digital technologies to rapidly connect real people with researchers and the gaming industry to transform the way all ages live, work, and play through technology. Disruptive innovation is more than just a phrase to throw around. It’s a way of thinking about how do you best use digital tools to help consumers access information, goods and services.

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Samantha Bowen is the founding Director of Acorn Network, and an advocate for building the aged care workforce of the future. Her business focuses on engaging young professionals, encouraging their leadership skills and supporting intergenerational connections.

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