Seven steps to optimise client care, enabling the business of caring.

Aged and Community Care Providers are facing challenges in the current disruptive environment and want to maintain long-term stability and viability in the industry.

A recent submission by the Aged Care Industry Technology Council (ACIITC) to the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety, it detailed that fit-for-purpose technology and innovation should be embedded into organisations to underpin care provision and operations, in return delivering more effective and efficient quality care and service to clients.

Ensuring operations are supported by the right technology platforms is critical to achieving high quality service and meeting future complexities. Many providers are reviewing existing technology systems knowing that innovative technology is a primary key to fulfilling all eight quality standards now in effect.

Operational inefficiencies such as being unable to track compliance against agreed care plans is just one difficulty providers are faced with which may result in non-compliance. Other difficulties may include non-compliant paper-based processes or lack of integration into other systems resulting in manual processes not being adhered to or monitored.

AlayaCare’s fit-for-purpose fully integrated software solutions are designed for scalability and performance. Our solutions are reliable, easy to use and include all the functionality providers need to support their clients with high quality care. Procura assists to manage the full lifecycle of clients’ information wherever and whenever needed, using a PC, Tablet or a mobile smart device.

7 Steps to Optimise your processes to help you create a better Customer Care Journey;

  1. Client Intake & Assessment – achieve improved client support provision with –
    • Customisable Client Assessments
    • Flexible Workflow Design
  2. Program/Funding Assessment & Setup – Document progress and multidisciplinary team notes and referrals as well as track time spent on documentation –
    • Identify Needs and Service Assessment
  3. Care Plan & Budget Setup – track outcomes and interventions on the client’s journey with –
    • Care Plan / Goal Plan
    • Goal & Outcome Measuring
    • Quoting Tool
    • NDIS Budget / Spending Limit / Forecast
    • HCP Budget Setup / Forecasting
  4. Scheduling – achieve best practice workforce management with 360-degree pivot views –
    • Add Visit
    • Program, Billing and Pay Setup
    • Cancel / Hold / Reschedule Visits
  5. Mobile Workforce – Improve consumer satisfaction of service delivery with employee access to real-time relevant consumer care plan and health information –
    • Navigation to Visit
    • Start Visit
    • Add Notes
    • Document Against Tasks
    • Add Allowances
    • Stop Visit
  6. Billing & Reporting- manage multiple funding sources and reporting requirements –
    • DEX
    • NDIS Export
    • HCP Claim Processing
    • DVA-CN
    • DVA-VHC
    • Home Assist (QLD)
    • HACC
    • QLD Community Support Scheme
  7. Integrations – evolve your organisation by accomplishing full integration with proven workflow processes underpinned by additional functionality –
    • Customisable Integrations
    • Integration Partners
      • Medication Management
      • Pain Management
      • Wound Management


Procura does much more than simply help cut administration costs.

Enabling the business of caring.

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