Industry Issues take Centre Stage. Part 3 – Revolutionary Pain Management

Pain is a distressing feeling that can affect the quality of life of those experiencing it, whether it’s acute, chronic or a combination of both. It can lead to changes in behaviour and reduced quality of sleep. Understanding the pain levels and prescribing the appropriate medication to ensure patients are comfortable and pain free as much as possible can be challenging for aged care health professionals.

In Residential settings effective pain management can be particularly difficult when many residents are unable to reliably articulate their pain experience, due to frailty, dementia, communication and cognitive impairment and sometimes their reticence to acknowledge pain due to fear of greater functional dependence, all creating barriers. Although tools currently exist to assess pain, they are often subjective, manually based, time intense and subsequently underutilised by carers. Pain can often go unrecognised and subsequently under-treated.

Procura Partners with PainChek Pain Management

Procura has recently announced a key strategic partnership with PainChek, an innovative mobile-based pain assessment solution. The PainChek APP integrates with Procura’s next generation Clinical Care Management System maximising the benefits of PainChek and providing a revolutionary tool to help give a voice to those who cannot verbalise their pain levels, transforming pain management. Procura’s integration with PainChek improves client care. Through smartphone and tablet camera scanning PainChek utilises artificial intelligence to analyse clients’ facial images applying facial recognition analytics, then assesses and scores their pain levels in real time and updates clients’ records in the cloud. PainChek provides carers with the ability to identify the presence of pain, quantify the severity of pain, and monitor the effectiveness of pain management.

Procura’s Pain Management powered by PainChek achieves enhanced quality of life for patients affected by pain:

PainChek automatically recognises facial muscle movements that indicate pain and takes note of them. Next, the PainChek® app guides caregivers to record observations of other accepted indicators of pain related behaviours such as how the person is moving and vocalising pain and completes the assessment, achieving a total pain score. The results are recorded and stored allowing the caregiver to monitor the effect of medication and treatment over time to optimise this process and ensure the best outcomes for the resident/patient.

Procura’s Pain Management powered by PainChek enables pain management strategies to be put in place, removes subjectivity and improves the appropriateness and accuracy of pain treatments. With a reproducible pain assessment and monitoring tool readily available at the point of care, staff have greater confidence in making accurate pain assessments, dispensing and monitoring the effectiveness of prescribed analgesics and other pain medication particularly with patients living with cognitive impairment and/or dementia. Staff also have a greater awareness about pain, its effects and note pain signs (for example, agitation and aggression), achieving significant improvements in pain related behaviours.

Enliven in New Zealand revealed an increase in confidence around best practice pain care management by nurses and caregiver staff.

Procura’s Clinical Care Management Software Solution – a new level of integration.

Procura Pain Management powered by PainChek is an important part of the Procura Clinical Care Management System which also integrates with Wound Care Management (powered by Pixalere) and Medication Management (powered by Medi-Map) into a holistic and exceptional clinical care management solution. This integration takes pain management to a new echelon. Once a pain assessment using Painchek has been made, a chart is instantly created in Procura. A series of automated processes then ensure that the proper medication is administered, reviewed and managed. Procura Clinical Care application, a web standards-based, full browser application, purposely designed to scale with organisational growth, is a worthy future state for any organisation wishing to evolve their clinical documentation practices.

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