Industry Issues take Centre Stage. Part 2 – Best Practice Wound Care Management

“More than 25% of residents in Aged Care Facilities have a wound.” 1

As the largest organ of the body with vital functions, maintaining healthy skin is critical to health and wellbeing. Acute wounds are skin injuries that can vary from scratches to deep damaging wounds affecting nerves, muscles and other parts of the body. They occur suddenly and heal at predicted rates whereas a chronic wound takes much longer to heal, not conforming to the predicted stages of healing. The elderly are most at risk, as wound repair slows down as you age.

Our population is ageing, increasing the prevalence of chronic diseases which are correlating to an increase in chronic wounds. It is estimated that more than 25% of aged care residents in facilities have a wound. 1

Wound care is labour intensive, with much time needed for treatment, it’s much more than just putting a dressing on it, as a number of factors can affect the rate of healing. It’s also a humanistic problem with resultant pain, physical and emotional distress for patients living with chronic wounds. There’s a huge financial cost from both the cost of the dressings and time spent on treatment by nursing staff. Chronic wounds cost Australia almost $3 billion a year in hospital and residential care alone.

Wound care is labour intensive, with much time needed for treatment, it’s much more than just putting a dressing on it, as a number of factors can affect the rate of healing.


Procura + Pixalere = The Complete Wound Care Management Solution

Procura was pleased to reveal recently they had formed strategic partner integrations with Pixalere Wound Care Management, enabling them to assist Providers to meet the challenges of wound care, improve wound healing and the quality of life for people living with a wound. Procura Wound Care Management powered by Pixalere delivers new insights for Providers, enabling them to overcome barriers to best practice wound care, empowering clinicians and administrators to significantly improve both patient outcomes and operational efficiencies.

Why has Procura formed this powerful integration with Pixalere?

Pixalere is a leading wound care assessment and management software that thousands of medical professionals use every day, in many parts of the world. Pixalere supports best practice wound care through “artificial intelligence” algorithims that determine best practice product, patient management and treatment plans at the bedside. Improved assessments, deliver better outcomes for patients and enhance staff effectiveness and efficiency. Pixalere is easy to use and can integrate seamlessly with your organisation. Proactive decisions can be made through precise, instant data.

Pixalere’s powerful wound care management tools ensure all residents are treated with the same education, support and access to treatment. Automated alerts can be set up to notify nurses when certain treatment parameters are not met, increasing early detection of patient deterioration and ultimately improving healing rates and outcomes.

Procura Wound Care Management powered by Pixalere offers a platform for Providers to address the inherent problems of wound care and achieve exceptional wound care management.

Procura’s Wound Care Management by Pixalere achieves enhanced quality of care through:

  • A structured, organised and planned approach to wound care management through Wound Documentation, Proprietary Care Plans, Intuitive E-Charting and closer resident monitoring, improving communications and saving time.
  • Customisable reports, administrative controls and reporting analytics provide accurate insights into costs, outcomes, product performance, wound trends and more.

In a recent case study over a six month’s trial, Pixalere delivered an impressive ROI from reductions in wound dressing charges, wound care supply costs, and up to 52% reduction in costs to treats wounds. The case study also revealed an increase in confidence around best practice wound care by nurses.

Procura’s Clinical Care Management Software Solution

Procura’s next generation Clinical Care Management Solution is a web standards-based, full browser application, purposely designed to scale with organisational growth and facilitate a true paperless documentation environment on any browser-enabled device. Underpinned by an exceptional medication management application (powered by Medi-Map) and wound care management application (powered by Pixalere) – the Procura Clinical Care application is a worthy future state for any organisation wishing to evolve their clinical documentation practices.

Call us today on T: +61 1300 252 922  to start your conversation with Procura Wound Care Management software solution, powered by Pixalere or request a demonstration.

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