Enliven reaping the benefits of Procura’s Pain Management software solution, powered by PainChek

A brief Case Study for Procura’s Pain Management powered by PainChek — Enliven Southland, New Zealand.

Enliven New Zealand recently celebrated their 100-year milestone. Enliven of seven Presbyterian support organisations, providing an extensive range of services for the aged and people living with a disability throughout New Zealand. Peacehaven Village is part of Enliven Southland, situated at Invercargill, one of the southernmost cities in New Zealand.

Last August 2019, Procura’s Pain Management powered by PainChek was implemented at Peacehaven Village, New Zealand, fully integrated with Procura Clinical Care suite — a first of its kind in New Zealand. The Painchek App uses smartphone and tablet cameras to scan and analyse client’s facial images applying facial recognition analytics and using artificial intelligence to detect the presence of micro-expressions which are indicative of pain. These are combined with other pain indicators such as behaviours, activities and movements to deliver a total pain score to provide a pain assessment and monitoring tool to improve pain management.

The integration with Procura’s Clinical Care Suite enables the outcome of the assessment to be tracked and through a series of workflows occurring from the assessment, based on the result, maximises the benefits of PainChek. Staff are prompted to review and investigate medication in line with the assessment, establishing any gaps or changes required.

The management team at Peacehaven Village have reported that the staff are loving the new PainChek app as it is improving the outcomes for their residents with improved pain management and control.

Not only have there been adjustments in medication to reduce pain levels for residents since the introduction of Procura’s Pain Management powered by PainChek, there has in at least once instance following an assessment, been a reduction in pain medication giving back more control and awareness to that resident.

Key Benefits for Procura’s Pain Management powered by PainChek®

  • Significant increase in the number of pain assessments completed by staff, facilitating prompt access to appropriate treatment for residents.
  • Easier & improved work environment for staff, with increased confidence in pain management for cognitive impaired residents.
  • Improved outcomes for residents-giving more control back to them with more appropriate medications.
  • All nursing staff and clinical carers empowered through increased co-ordination, improved administration, reduction in errors and increased and easier access to assessments and charts.

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