Industry issues take centre stage. Part 1 – Safeguarding medication management

At a time of increased industry complexity, combined with continual scrutiny from both government departments and the general public, Aged Care Providers need to be mindful of delivering a high level of care and accountability. Moving the sector from a heavy reliance on paper-based systems to fully integrated e-Health solutions is one-way Providers can address some of these important concerns they face.

Safeguarding the medication management of residents in aged care facilities is one of the crucial industry issues under the spotlight at many forums and in industry reports. The current Aged Care Royal Commission has indicated this as a significant area of focus and it has also been at the centre of the recent Aged Care Complaints Commissioner’s 2017–18 Annual Report relating to residential aged care. Administration of the correct medications, at the correct times and in the right dosages can be a major health concern for patients in aged care facilities. Having a consistent and reliable administration process with regular medication audits is an important aspect for a quality assurance approach and critical for patient safety.

Procura Partners with Medi-Map Medication Management

As part of Procura’s robust development and ongoing strategy to provide complete integrated solutions for Aged Care Providers, Procura was delighted to announce recently their partnership with Medi-Map Medication Management. Procura Medication Management powered by Medi-Map, brings clarity and up-to-date information to all providers of care looking for a turnkey solution to connect — nursing, pharmacy and prescribers with electronic charting of medication, administration, audit and reporting.

Why has Procura selected Medi-Map for this important integration?

Medi-Map is the leading software in care facilities for medication charting and administration, providing a powerful platform and conduit for live communication between health service providers in the Residential Care environment. Able to integrate with all pharmacy, prescriber and facility software, it helps providers to prescribe clients the right medicine at the right time, streamlining the medication prescribing, pharmacy review and administration processes to reduce risk, errors and inefficiency, improving coordination between care facility teams.

Procura Medication Management Powered by Medi-Map provides a single point of profile-based access for all of a patient’s medications with reporting at both facility and corporate levels, improving compliancy. Ward stock control is managed with a comprehensive audit trail, ensuring greater compliancy and cost efficiencies. An excellent Return on Investment is provided, while errors and risks are reduced with an increased coordination between care teams, improving client care outcomes.

Procura’s integration with Medi-Map offers an unparalleled tool for Providers delivering a complete end-to-end medication management solution.
Procura’s integration with Medi-Map offers an unparalleled tool for Providers delivering a complete end-to-end medication management solution.

Procura’s Clinical Care Management Software Solution

Procura’s next generation Clinical Care Management Solution is a web standards-based, full browser application, purposely designed to scale with organisational growth and facilitate a true paperless documentation environment on any browser-enabled device. Underpinned by an exceptional medication management application (powered by Medi-Map) and wound care management application (powered by Pixalere) – the Procura Clinical Care application is a worthy future state for any organisation wishing to evolve their clinical documentation practices.

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