The Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety is in Progress

The Aged Care Royal Commission is about uncovering systemic problems in aged care, meeting the challenges and providing new opportunities to deliver quality aged care in Australia.

Are you prepared?

“Too often, the reforms made to aged care have been addressing a problem in isolation rather than the system as a whole. The sheer number and frequency of reviews shows that there are many issues in aged care which have not been resolved to the community’s satisfaction,”

Peter Gray QC’s opening address at the Royal Commission
into Aged Care Quality and Safety, 11th February, 2019.

The aims of the hearings in February were to provide contextual information for forthcoming hearings and ascertain concerns about Australia’s aged care system. Future hearings through till September, will focus on home care, residential care, dementia and aged people living with a disability. Some of the submissions to be heard will centre on safety, staffing levels and systems to support high quality care. Waiting lists, support for unpaid carers, ageist attitudes in society and the need for promotion of care, dignity and respect for the elderly will also be a focus.

Have you got the appropriate technology systems in place to strategically respond to the Royal Commission and ongoing reforms?

At a time of such significant industry challenges and evolution, many providers are reviewing their systems to ensure their operations are supported by the right technology platforms to enable them to continue to achieve high quality service and meet future complexities.

AlayaCare’s Solutions: assisting clients to align their systems to meet the unprecedented challenges facing the industry.

AlayaCare is a market leading platform with next generation solutions, supporting clients with a high research and development investment, focusing on best-practice strategies to simplify and improve residential, and clinical management. AlayaCare’s innovative, robust solutions offer a way Providers can increase their use of the latest technology to support their staff in delivering high quality care while ensuring good governance and management and aligning with the principles of the new aged care standards. AlayaCare also has an excellent exclusive eco-partner network that offers additional integrated functionality.

AlayaCare’s Latest Clinical Care Management Software Solution

The next generation AlayaCare application is reliable, easy to use and includes all the functionality residential aged care providers need, supporting delivery of the highest levels of resident care.

AlayaCare Residential: a web standards-based, full browser application, purposely designed to scale with organisational growth and facilitate a true paperless documentation environment on any browser-enabled device. Organisations can customise their charting, assessments and even the fields throughout the application without requiring changes to code or the back-end database. Incident, infection and quality registers allow documentation of these items against entities within Clinical Care allowing the user to manage and report as required. Clinical governance is advanced by creating flexible Care Plans that reflect the client’s aspirations and needs; ensuring staff work in partnership with residents for quality care outcomes. Custom reporting on services for those with special needs captures their special requirements and provides key insights.

AlayaCare is designed to run in standalone or hosted mode, a proven solution enhancing residents’ quality of care. Underpinned by an exceptional medication management application (powered by Medi-Map) and wound care management application (powered by Pixalere) – the AlayaCare Residential application is a worthy future state for any organisation wishing to evolve their clinical documentation practices.

AlayaCare’s next generation Aged Care and Community Solutions: are fully integrated with proven workflow processes and additional functionality available through business intelligence, medication management, wound care management, data management, accounts payable automation, and mobility with key data collection tools in the office and at the point of care providing efficiencies and assurances to drive an organisation towards innovation, stability, growth and improved client care.

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