Unlock the Power and Value of your Data for improved capacity and strengthened sustainability

This is a period of great change, and disruption with increased competitiveness in Australia for aged, community and disability service providers. A time for developing tools and resources for strengthening capacity to support management and staff to continuously monitor and improve governance, operational and business practices and service delivery in order to be sustainable.

Day-to-day management of a residential aged care facility and community services is complex and involves the accurate processing of many different kinds of information. You need solid information systems that are designed specifically for your industry’s unique needs, making sure you can keep focused on excellence in care provision and administration.

Investing in new technologies is vital when navigating the new aged and community landscape, particularly in relation to your reporting and analytical capabilities.

Six Benefits your Organisation can achieve with Procura Data Management and Analytics powered by ZAP

Unlocks the value and power of your data-achieve efficiency gains and organisational insights by identifying key metrics and how to measure them.

Maximises and increases productivity-achieve operational gains with improved reporting efficiencies.

Achieves greater understanding of your organisational performance – define Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and track against set targets for better understanding of organisational performance.

Delivers rapid ROI with minimal technical resources, administration and training overheads required.

Enhances decision making-view trends, set up system alerts, tailor dashboards to suit your needs.

Empowers your organisation-delivers greater analytical capabilities, develops your competitive advantage, augments your ability to take actions as needed and enables your provision of optimum care.

Procura Data Management & Analytics powered by ZAP provides insights, data governance and improves outcomes for the management team and care team alike. With trusted analytics from quality data, one source of truth is delivered anywhere anytime, from all your data sources. It provides a powerful tool for staff and managers, as you control the data and how it is visualised to make it relevant and meaningful.

Procura Data Management and Analytics

Build your own analysis with a wide variety of visuals, geared for different audiences and made relevant to the respective roles such as finance or operations, with access rights also granted by roles. The format is easy to understand and use with cross navigation and drill down functionality for reports and graphs, bringing a variety of perspectives to the data. It enables you to see trends, set up system alerts, tailor dashboards, and monitor KPI’s and exceptions, all with great end user freedom.

Procura Data Management & Analytics powered by ZAP can be fully integrated with both Procura Community and Disability Solutions and Procura Residential Management and financial data from your ERP Solution, supplying a rapid return on investment with time savings and productivity gains with richness of data and insights, delivering outcomes for improved client care and organisational sustainability.

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