Aged Care Providers go Beyond Compliance with Procura

The new Aged Care Quality Standards will bring together four Aged Care standards into one single standard effective 1 July 2019, with a single focus on protecting senior Australians.

The new Standards are designed to strengthen Provider capacity and encourage Providers to go beyond compliance to deliver continuous quality improvement in turn enhancing the quality of life for our seniors. Preparing your organisation for this change in quality expectations and managing the challenges is imperative.
With an ageing population, growing numbers of seniors, and long waitlists for home care services, the Commonwealth Government recently announced another 10,000 new packages to become available. With the increased funding and an emphatic government commitment to improve quality, both government and public scrutiny is predicted to increase.

The current transition period provides an opportunity for Providers to identify and address areas such as policies and practices to be ready for the new standards, ensuring alignment of systems and processes.

What will it mean for you as a Provider? Have you developed a Strategic Plan to transition to the new standards? Are you ready to meet some of these new challenges below?

Improved transparency
Improved consumer trust and engagement
Quality benchmarking
Identified areas for improvement, particularly in relation to service delivery
New systems and processes review including your feedback and complaints processes
New Standards embedded into your organisation
Increased Governance capacity
Improved workforce management
Consumer focused outcomes
Opportunities for Innovation adaption

Are you reviewing your current client management software systems as one of your key strategies to prepare your organisation?

Procura is assisting Aged Care Providers to go beyond compliance. Procura’s innovative, scalable and proven solution is Aged Care compliant and provides a best practice model in creating and delivering client care. Procura focuses on the consumer’s needs, tied to the care plan and draws on all the knowledge available. From, consumer care plan management, consumer invoices & co-payments along with reporting and compliancy requirements, Procura provides the link for complete transparency and optimisation of opportunities. Procura’s rich functionality enables case managers to manage contracts and care programs, , schedule staff and consumer visits, plan consumer care and record expenses and services provided, keeping track of consumers’ Budgets and Goals, and linking services to enable providers to focus on the outcomes.

With many consumer case managers and care workers now being completely mobile and working from a virtual office, retaining staff, minimising errors and providing secure access in real time to consumer information anywhere via electronic devices is critical. Procura’s Workforce Mobility Solution delivers Providers greater visibility, offering opportunities to leverage staff capacity, reduce administrative overheads and provide more effective and flexible service provision to consumers.

Procura’s fully integrated Client and Family Portal bridges the communication gap between organisation, consumer and their care network, by facilitating a central view of the consumer’s finances, scheduled service plan and care plan, delivering improved consumer control and visibility. Procura’s Aged Care Solutions meets the new Aged Care Quality Standards that come into effect from July 2019 and beyond.

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