Providing Quality Care and Tackling the Rise in Aged Care Complaints

The Aged Care Complaints Commissioner’s 2017–18 annual report, just released showed an increase in aged care complaints of 23 percent over the last year.

Although there are more people receiving care, these figures indicate there is a level of dissatisfaction from clients with their providers. One of the main complaints in the home care area related to lack of communication between providers and clients.

Better coordination between home care and health services was a need also highlighted by a recent major report by National Seniors Australia.

Ensuring client satisfaction and meeting and exceeding compliance is a necessity in the new competitive home care environment, where clients are able to be more mobile with their packages and choice of providers. Choosing the right software to ensure this is vitally important when providers review and consider new systems.

Procura assists coordinators and direct care workers in the delivery of supports to meet the goals and aspirations of clients, enabling them to focus on improved quality care.

Procura’s Community and Disability Software Solution enables the care team to access and update client information at the point of care, document client history and progress, also multidisciplinary team notes and referrals to health services, providing better coordination and communication.

Procura’s Client and Family Portal is also another way Procura customers are maintaining high levels of communication between their clients and the administration team.

Seventy five percent of all complaints related however to residential aged care, with the most common complaints revolving around medication management and administration.

Procura’s Medication Management ensures clients are provided the right medicine at the right time, reducing errors while the ward stock control is managed with a comprehensive audit trail, ensuring greater compliancy and cost efficiencies. It streamlines the medication prescribing, pharmacy review and administration processes reducing risks and inefficiencies and improving coordination between care facility teams. Procura Residential Management software is an expert and advanced aged care services solution offering comprehensive residential aged care management.

The Aged Care Complaints Commissioner’s Report also noted the Complaints Commissioner and the Quality Agency will merge in January 2019 to form a new Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission. It is a time of great change in the industry with many challenges and increased scrutiny for safety, compliance and excellence in care. One strategy providers can consider is incorporating new client management technologies for improved quality of care and client satisfaction.

Procura is a market leading platform supporting customers with a high research and development investment, providing ongoing releases that meet new regulations and industry needs. Procura is working through the new Aged Care Quality Standards to ensure our software will continue to support providers during the transition period and beyond.

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