Procura offers the Complete Solution – for Community, Disability and Aged Care Service Providers (Part 1)

The evolution is NOW.

New business models will likely incorporate partnership elements as industry operators team up with allied health organisations including medical facilities, pharmacies and other professionals to complement their integrated care offerings.IBIS Report Q8601, April, 2017 p 9

With new legislative constraints, a growing older population and an increasingly competitive environment, building future capacity and strengthening sustainability are key issues facing Aged and Community Care Providers. Sustainability with increased client satisfaction can be delivered through new innovations and utilising the latest technology.

As one of the largest providers of aged and homecare business software solutions in the world, Procura offers the complete solution for aged care, homecare and disability client management. Procura’s solutions assist our clients’ organisational, technological and financial operations needed to address the challenges and opportunities in 2018 and beyond. Our consultants are in the forefront of the industry delivering industry best practice, insights and knowledge.

New business models will likely incorporate partnership elements as industry operators such as your organisation, team up with allied health organisations to complement your integrated care offerings. Procura offers all the functionality you as a provider require and leads the way with an excellent exclusive eco-partner network that offers you additional functionality including Business Intelligence, Medication Management, Wound Care Management, Accounts Payable Automation and Data Management and Analytics; one complete solution to meet all the digitalisation needs of aged and community care providers.

Procura’s Complete, End-to-End Aged, Community and Disability Care Software Solution

Procura’s Clinical Care — a clinical documentation system that is reliable, easy to use and includes all the functionality residential aged care providers need, supporting delivery of the highest levels of resident care. Organisations can customise their charting, assessments and even the fields throughout the application without requiring changes to code or the back end database. Incident, infection and quality registers allow documentation of these items against entities within Clinical Care allowing the user to manage and report as required.

The application is delivered through a web browser allowing the user to be device agnostic when accessing the software and facilitates documentation at the point of care, with workstations or tablets. With Procura Clinical Care, the application is designed to run in standalone or hosted mode, a proven solution enhancing residents’ quality of care.

Procura MobilityProcura’s Workforce Mobility Solution delivers Providers greater visibility, offering opportunities to leverage staff capacity, reduce administrative overheads and provide more effective and flexible service provision to clients, with secure access in real time to client information via electronic devices.

Family and Client PortalProcura’s Family and Client Portal is fully integrated with Procura Community, bridges the communication gap between organisation, client and their care network, by facilitating a central view of the client’s finances, scheduled service plan and care plan, delivering improved client control and visibility. Providers benefit from reduced administration, handling and postage costs with on-line availability of invoices and invoice payments, more efficient and flexible management of schedule requests and changes and also a reduced number of calls to contact centres or client advisors.

Procura Business Intelligence – An advanced technology platform for managing resident admissions more efficiently, providing clear actionable insights and making reconciling Medicare revenue simple.

Medication Management — streamlines the medication prescribing, pharmacy review and administration processes to reduce risk, errors and inefficiency, improving coordination between care facility teams. An end-to-end medication management solution, powered by Medi-Map, Procura Medication Management brings clarity and up-to-date information to all providers of care – nursing, pharmacy and prescribers with electronic charting of medication, administration, audit and reporting. It is a fully integrated e-Health solution that helps providers to prescribe clients the right medicine at the right time.

Accounts Payable Automation — Monitor and automate your Accounts Payable processes with Procura Accounts Payable Automation, powered by Redmap. Enabling agility, traceability, accountability and reporting capabilities to help CFOs and Finance heads make smarter informed decisions.

Procura Data Management and Analytics, powered by ZAP can be fully integrated with both Procura Community and Disability Solutions and Procura Residential Management and financial data from your ERP Solution, supplying a rapid return on investment with time savings and productivity gains with richness of data and insights, delivering outcomes for improved client care and organisational sustainability.

Procura Wound Care Management, powered by Pixalere enables clinicians and administrators to significantly improve patient outcomes and operational efficiencies, with early detection of patient deterioration and ultimately faster healing. It is easy to use and can integrate seamlessly with your organisation. Proactive decisions can be made through precise, instant data. Customisable reports provide accurate insight into costs, outcomes, product performance, wound trends and more.

About Procura

Procura are market leaders in Aged, Community Care and Disability Client Management Software, with quality solutions that are uniquely suited to support the exploding demand in the Australian aged, community care and disability sectors. Procura’s next generation Aged Care and Community Solutions, are fully integrated with proven workflow processes and additional functionality available through business intelligence, medication management, wound care management, data management, accounts payable automation, and mobility with key data collection tools in the office and at the point of care providing efficiencies and assurances to drive an organisation towards innovation, stability, growth and improved client care.

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