Procura offers the Complete Solution – for Residential Management and Retirement Village Providers (Part 2)

Procura offers complete and fully integrated solution for Residential Management and Retirement Village providers.

With new legislative constraints, a growing older population and an increasingly competitive environment, building future capacity and strengthening sustainability are key issues facing Aged Care Providers. Other concerns challenging providers are managing an ageing workforce and higher expectations of quality from increasingly more affluent and discerning clients. Together with meeting increased requirements and changing government regulations, while ensuring compliance and maintaining a quality focused, client centric care environment makes this a very demanding time in the aged care industry.

Sustainability with increased resident quality of life and satisfaction can be delivered through new innovations and utilising the latest technology such as Procura’s Residential and Financial Management Solution (link to web page). New business models will likely incorporate partnership elements as industry operators such as your organisation, team up with allied health organisations to complement your integrated care offerings.

Procura offers the complete solution for Residential and Retirement Village Providers across Australia and New Zealand, offering all the functionality you as a provider need and leading the way with an excellent exclusive eco-partner network that offers additional functionality.

Procura Residential Management and Financial Management

Procura Residential Management and Financial Management Suite are built on proven Microsoft Dynamics AX platform that brings together functionality to manage resident and financial information and provides reporting for residential aged care facilities.

Procura Residential Management Software provides a flexible solution for Residential Providers from initial enquiry and application right through to admission, billing, bonds, subsidy management, e-business integration with Medicare and enables essential analysis and reporting that leads to increased efficiency. The software covers a wide range of functionalities with management of complex financial information such as resident funds and government subsidies, optimising funding entitlements, improving compliance and reducing risks. Finance management is simplified allowing Providers to budget, manage productivity, control costs and handle forecasting and accounting.

  • Instead of multiple systems, Procura provides an integrated client management solution, with extendable modules.
  • Procura provides improved efficiency and capacity to manage resources, with access to a single source of truth.
  • Information is accurate and available in a timely manner with Procura, leading to improved care provision and outcomes for residents.

By streamlining processes and reducing the time spent on administrative tasks with these advances, staff can devote more time to the care of residents, providing improved quality of care and establishing a viable aged care environment with accelerated growth.
Retirement Villages-
Procura Retirement Village Management Solution supports the full range of functions from initial enquiry and waitlist through the generation of mail outs and campaigns for the sales and marketing process. Procura offers integrated functionality, improves efficiencies and productivity, delivering benefits to your organisation and ensures the highest possible quality of care for residents.

Procura Clinical Care
Procura’s Clinical Care solution offers end users a clinical documentation system that is reliable, easy to use and includes all the functionality residential aged care providers need, supporting their delivery of the highest levels of resident care. The application includes a comprehensive resident record, care planning, charting and assessments. Through the Design Studio, organisations can customise their charting, assessments and even the fields throughout the application without requiring changes to code or the back end database. Incident, infection and quality registers allow documentation of these items against entities within Clinical Care allowing the user to manage and report as required. The application is delivered through a web browser allowing the user to be device agnostic when accessing the software and facilitates documentation at the point of care, with workstations or tablets. Procura Clinical Care the application is designed to run in standalone or hosted mode.

Procura’s innovative, scalable and proven Clinical Care solution enhances residents’ quality of care.

Procura Medication Management
Medication Management streamlines the medication prescribing, pharmacy review and administration processes to reduce risk, errors and inefficiency, improving coordination between care facility teams. An end-to-end medication management solution, powered by Medi-Map, Procura Medication Management brings clarity and up-to-date information to all providers of care – nursing, pharmacy and prescribers with electronic charting of medication, administration, audit and reporting, moving the sector from a heavy reliance on paper based systems to a fully integrated e-Health solution. It helps providers to prescribe clients the right medicine at the right time.

Procura Accounts Payable Automation
Monitor and automate your Accounts Payable processes with Procura Accounts Payable Automation, powered by Redmap. Enabling agility, traceability, accountability and reporting capabilities to help CFOs and Finance heads make smarter informed decisions.

Procura Data Management & Analytics
Procura Data Management & Analytics powered by ZAP can be fully integrated with both Procura Community and Disability Solutions and Procura Residential Management and financial data from your ERP Solution, supplying a rapid return on investment with time savings and productivity gains with richness of data and insights, delivering outcomes for improved client care and organisational sustainability.

Procura Wound Care Management
Procura Wound Care Management by Pixalere enables clinicians and administrators to significantly improve patient outcomes and operational efficiencies. It is easy to use and can integrate seamlessly with your organisation. Proactive decisions can be made through precise, instant data. Customisable reports provide accurate insight into costs, outcomes, product performance, wound trends and more. Pixalere’s powerful wound care management tools ensure all patients are treated with the same education and support and automated alerts can be set up to notify nurses when certain treatment parameters are not met, enabling early detection of patient deterioration and ultimately faster healing.

About Procura
Procura helps providers improve efficiencies and productivity, reduce risks, take advantage of all funding opportunities offered and overall ensures the highest possible quality of care for residents. With a rigorous roadmap of research and development Procura has accomplished massive growth and continued momentum to become the market leader in Australia in Aged, Community Care and Disability Client Management Software.

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