Five Reasons Aged Care Providers benefit from using Medication Management

This is a time of great change and unprecedented development in the aged care industry as our population ages. It is also a time of increased government regulation and audits as they respond to growing demands for better medication management, more personalised services with higher accountability and standards determined by an increased number of measured clinical outcomes.

New models of care and practice are changing the way services are delivered providing more client centric care, with increased offerings. Operators can enhance their client care and support, while achieving greater regulatory compliance and strengthening their sustainability, through implementing new technological solutions and embracing partnerships with allied health organisations.

Administration of the correct medications to residents is one of the key areas with clinical outcomes under increased scrutiny. Critical to patient safety, having a consistent and reliable administration process with regular medication audits is an important aspect for a quality assurance approach.

Medication management —

  1. Ensures clients are provided the right medicine at the right time, reducing errors.
  2. Provides a single point of profile-based access for all of a patient’s medications with reporting at both facility and corporate levels, improving compliancy.
  3. Integration with all pharmacy, prescriber and facility software, together with an off-line back-up system, creates proficiencies.
  4. Ward stock control is managed with a comprehensive audit trail, ensuring greater compliancy and cost efficiencies.
  5. Provides an excellent Return on Investment, while errors and risks are reduced with an increased coordination between care teams, improving client care outcomes.

An end-to-end medication management solution, powered by Medi-Map, Procura Medication Management brings clarity and up-to-date information to all providers of care – nursing, pharmacy and prescribers with electronic charting of medication, administration, audit and reporting, moving the sector from a heavy reliance on paper based systems to a fully integrated e-Health solution.

It helps providers to prescribe clients the right medicine at the right time, streamlining the medication prescribing, pharmacy review and administration processes to reduce risk, errors and inefficiency, improving coordination between care facility teams.

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