NDIS Stimulates Investment in a Growing Industry

New Reforms, clarity of policy direction and increased funding are all contributing to the growth of the Community and Disability sectors. The ongoing rollout of the new customer-centric model of the National Disability Scheme (NDIS) is aiding this growth. A recent article by the Financial Review (Financial Review 14 July 2017) reported on the impact of these factors in driving new business acceleration, with a number of providers seeking new capital injections for growth, acquisitions and investment in the sector. These included Just Better Care, Dementia Care Group and BUPA.

A recent IBIS Report into the Community and Disability sectors also supported this view, noting that while the level of government funding and industry assistance is increasing, the increase in private money is growing faster (IBIS Report Q8700 April, 17 p.26).

“The progressive rollout of the National Disability Scheme will continue to drive the growth of the Community Services sector” (IBIS Report Q8700 April, 17 p.12), with the expected revenue increase to be 5.7% over the next ten years.

Many providers are maximising their use of new technologies, reviewing their current systems and investing in new infrastructure in order to increase their capacity to manage funding and accountability with vital analytical insights. Developing new innovations, building capability and systems to support the market mechanisms is critical to success. Read the Procura whitepaper here.

A spokesperson from Procura noted that two of the three providers mentioned in the Financial Review article were existing clients of Procura, utilising Procura’s Enterprise Care Management Software in the growth of their organisations to deliver both CDC and NDIS, enabling their clients to fulfil their needs and meet their goals and aspirations.

Procura expands its NDIS Capabilities

Since 2014, Procura has introduced numerous NDIS features and enhancements to their Community and Disability Suite, in line with their growing clients’ needs. These have included developments for managing and maximising the claims process and providing coordinators a way to monitor planned vs actual vs budget spending limits against NDIA Support Categories and Items. Enhancements and supports are on-going with Procura committed to meeting customers’ needs for both operational efficiencies and compliance with legislative requirements.

Procura’s rich functionality is fully NDIS compliant and enables case managers to manage contracts and care programs, upload claims to the NDIS Portal, schedule staff and client visits, plan client care and record both the expenses and services provided. Procura’s Pathways Module allows NDIS coordinators to reflect Goals, Outcomes and Interventions for clients. A dedicated Supervisory Module enables case managers to track and schedule client reviews and multi-disciplinary assessments and documentation templates, workflow tools, alerts and custom reports ensure rapid, informed decisions can be made.

Procura is aiding disability providers by improving organisational capacity to meet the growing need for more integrated management of service provision, reducing their administrative burden, and improving workforce efficiency, consumer involvement and communication.

About Procura

Procura is part of Complia Health’s product portfolio, providing clinical, operational, and financial solutions for aged care services, home care and disability, independent living and residential aged care organisations. Procura is a fully integrated, back office residential services, clinical, community, disability and mobility solution that decreases costs, and enables providers to improve the quality of client care.

Our solutions provide a robust, modern, business approach to the clinical, operational, and financial complexities of delivering long-term and post-acute care.


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