Aged Care Industry expectations over the next five years

Residents of Residential Aged Care Homes are predicted to want more…

Our ageing population is driving industry growth as people require more assistance with everyday tasks and personal care. The industry is in a growth stage in its life cycle and has performed strongly over the past five years. In response to demand the industry has expanded over the past five years to provide increased accommodation options and services, with flexible pricing supported by strong growth in government aged care funding, against a backdrop of structural reform.

A recent IBIS Report (IBIS World Industry Report Q8601 Aged Care Residential Services in Australia) noted that over the next five years it is expected that the age will rise of Australians entering aged care, as will their needs, creating new challenges for operators. Also as residents are asked to contribute more as we move to a more user pays model, they may expect greater care and services and a seamless transition through the different care stages.

Australian Aged Care Industry expectations over the next five years per IBIS Report Q8601:

  • Industry operators to expand offerings as industry shifts to more consumer directed & funded care.
  • Consumers to demand a more seamless transition through different care stages as they age.
  • Industry Revenue is expected to grow at an annualised 4.4% over the next five years, outperforming the economy over this period.
  • Industry consolidation will continue as private for profit players assume a greater role in the sector and seek greater scope and scale for increased profitability.
  • Longer life expectancies are likely to increase demand for care later in life, as will a projected increase in disabilities including dementia.
  • Retirement Villages are expected to become more widely accepted and viable.
  • The demand for continuous care in line with ageing-in-place policies will lead to Retirement Villages and Independent Living options becoming increasingly integrated and co-located to aged care facilities.
New business models will likely incorporate partnership elements as industry operators team up with allied health organisations including medical facilities, pharmacies and other professionals to complement their integrated care offerings.IBIS Report Q8601, April, 2017 p 9

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Technology will play a greater role in providing a better care.

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Our solutions provide a contemporary approach to the clinical, operational, and financial complexities of delivering long-term and post-acute care.

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References: IBIS World Industry Report Q8601 Aged Care Residential Services in Australia