The mobile software revolution for aged and community care

Increase efficiency, productivity and client care with aged care mobile applications

There’s probably no better example of how community, disability and aged care software is improving our aged and community services landscape than that of mobile applications . With their real-time access to all relevant information, mobile health software solutions will hugely improve the quality, safety and cost effectiveness of your field staff’s services. They’ll also greatly boost the job satisfaction and morale of your team by giving them full control of their client and job information, eliminating the need for tedious paperwork.

Driving huge improvements in home care services

Wherever your field team workers are, with mobile health technology there’s no task they can perform in the office that they can’t do in the field. Through a secure, 24/7 online portal, they’re able to:

  • Have full access to client records. Field staff can document progress notes, visit activities and other details, thus reducing transcription errors.
  • Receive automated messages alerting them to changes in schedules and care plans.

And as a provider you can:

  • Electronically alert employees to care plan or schedule changes
  • Access any expense information in real-time, including travel and timesheets. This makes for an easier, more efficient and faster payroll system.
  • Ensure the safety of your mobile staff, with in-office alerts.

Procura – transforming mobility, community and aged care software.
Procura’s cutting edge Mobile Health Software Solution allows you to dovetail the needs of your field staff with a subsequent quick return on your investment. Our mobile health software is fully integrated over all platforms, including:

  • Tablet or laptop: Procura Mobile for laptop, tablet or ‘pad’ is perfectly suited for complex tasks such as completing intake and custom assessments, care planning and wound care management. Your field team members have access to clients’ complete health records, care plans and eMars – just as if they were in the office.
  • Smartphone: Procura Mobile for smartphone provides instant two-way access to current client details, progress notes, and all visit activities and home notes. With documentation completed during the actual appointment with the client, your level of care will improve substantially.
  • Online portal for employees: Procura helps your staff take control of their job information. They can change their availability, view their schedules, respond to work offers and have access to important client details – all through the same, secure, web-based portal. Not only does this keep your systems efficiently organised, it also eliminates the need for onerous, time consuming paperwork.

Procura provides fully integrated back office community and disability services , residential management and mobility solutions  that decrease costs and enable providers to greatly improve the quality of client care.

We are Procura.

Integrated client management.  Improved care provision.  Better outcomes.

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