Creating Dementia Friendly Environments is a New Imperative (Inspiring change in the world of dementia care – Part 2)

As our population ages and Dementia has a greater social impact, creating environments that are Dementia friendly and communities that are inclusive is vitally important. Education is crucial for acceptance and understanding in the community, both with the general community and in aged care residencies. Although people living with dementia may have a new perception of time and space, their relationships and situations still matter. Being accepted and respected in the community they’re living in is critical.

Dementia-inclusive physical environments are fundamental.

Attention to the physical environment is an important facet of creating dementia friendly places, so people easily access their environment and safely find their way around. Clear signage that can be seen from a distance is needed, seats along walkways, so people can rest as needed, also walkways need to be wide, uncluttered and with minimal surface pattern. Ensuring there are disabled toilets that are easily accessible are all strategies that communities can adopt to encourage and support people living with dementia to stay active in their locality.

Health and wellbeing are optimised in familiar environments.

Over 70% of people living with dementia continue to live in their own homes, optimising their familiar environment. Maintaining or expanding their social networks is necessary for them to continue to maintain their independence as much as possible, with quality of life as the dementia progresses. Having opportunities for social interaction and engagement, with support for themselves and their family and carers is essential.

A number of local councils are working towards developing strategies and action plans incorporating local alliances and partnerships to encourage community members and traders to support the ageing and people living with dementia.

Improving your organisational capacity to meet the challenges of Australia’s ageing population with an increasing number of people living with dementia, means delivering integrated and responsive care, central for your client’s well-being.

Procura aids our customers by improving organisational capacity:

As a leading supplier of Community, Aged Care and Disability Service Solutions, Procura is aiding our customers by improving organisational capacity to meet the growing need for more integrated management of dementia service provision in the Consumer Directed Care environment and in Aged Care Residential Services, to achieve optimum care outcomes. Procura’s rich functionality provides staff with case management tools, integrated care and service planning, multi-disciplinary assessments and documentation templates, workflow tools and alerts and custom reports for rapid, informed decisions. Where applicable, specific supplementary dementia funding is applied automatically to the client and is reflected on the client’s monthly statement.

Procura provides a fully integrated back office, community services, clinical and mobility solution that decreases costs, and enables providers to improve the quality of client care.

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