Inspiring change in the world of dementia care – Part 1

Improving Organisational Capacity to meet the Dementia Challenge in Aged and Community Care (Inspiring change in the world of dementia care -Part 1)

Dementia is not a normal part of ageing: it’s a chronic, progressive and terminal disease of the brain, causing difficulties with memory, everyday tasks, communication and perception. Over 350,000 Australians currently suffer this debilitating disease in its many forms and as the population ages that number is increasing.  It’s a leading cause of disability and is already the second cause of death in Australia number 1. As the disease progresses, so too does the impact, with people living with dementia becoming dependent on their care providers for all areas of daily living.

Aged and Community Care Services are vital supports

People living with dementia and their carers are more reliant on support from health, aged and community care services and have greater and more complex needs, and so improving the quality of life for them is multifaceted and challenging. Assisting people living with dementia to stay in their own homes in a familiar environment for as long as possible and being part of the community is one of the many trials facing the industry sector and government.

Increased demand for skilled and trained staff 

As changes in the brain cause changed behaviours, it’s important for all carers to understand the changing needs that result from this. Care staff need to be trained in understanding the special needs of people living with dementia and be able to assist them to navigate available supports, and to encourage enablement. One of the biggest challenges you face is the increasing demand for appropriately trained staff. New scheduling technology can assist with carer selection, identifying the most suitable employee for the client.

Embracing Technology provides Enablement

Embracing new technologies can also assist you, the provider to manage increased administration and reporting workloads as the number of clients with dementia increases. With Procura’s Community Services Suite, integration of services and care plans, assessments and schedules will greatly increase your efficiency and improve the quality of care. Procura Community Services Software Solution provides 360 degree pivot views of scheduling – detailing client, and employee schedules, providing multiple views, and Shift Based scheduling, with a Coordinator Dashboard to facilitate and fill required services.

Using Procura’s Mobile Health Suite  can improve your field staff’s access to client records while in the field, reduce errors and enable documentation to be completed during the client visit. Procura Mobile for smartphone provides instant two-way access to current client details, progress notes, and visit activities and home notes.

Procura aids our customers by improving organisational capacity:-

As a leading supplier of Community, Aged Care and Disability Service Solutions, Procura is aiding our customers by improving organisational capacity to meet the growing need for more integrated management of dementia service provision in the Consumer Directed Care environment and in Aged Care Residential Services, to achieve optimum care outcomes. Procura’s rich functionality provides staff with case management tools, integrated care and service planning, multi-disciplinary assessments and documentation templates, workflow tools, alerts and custom reports for rapid, informed decisions. Where applicable, specific supplementary dementia funding is applied automatically to the client and is reflected on the client’s monthly statement.

Procura provides a fully integrated back office, community services, clinical and mobility solution that decreases costs, and enables providers to improve the quality of client care.

We are Procura.

Integrated client management    Improved care provision    Better outcomes

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