Understanding the Implications of the NDIS Reforms

What will NDIS mean to People with a Disability?

People, who are born with or acquire a disability, will be able to receive the care and support they need. The new NDIS model changes how a disabled person receives their funding. In the new model they will have more control, personal choices and supports to live their lives their way, making their lives more fulfilling. Working collaboratively with their case manager, people with a disability can develop programs and supports to attain their goals and reach their full potential.

What will NDIS mean to disability service providers?

The introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) has wide ranging implications for service providers as they move from a paternalistic welfare style of service to a consumer directed approach, with a new funding model based on insurance principles. Providers may need to test their readiness to enter the NDIS market and discover what barriers to entry may exist.

  • Transparency of service costs and visibility of supports is essential.
  • Financial Reporting will change, and this could mean consideration of a new financial system to handle the changes.
  • Business processes might need to be re-engineered to handle the changes.
  • Organisational strategies may need to be redesigned to a more commercial approach.
  • Implementing quality monitoring systems with regular reviews to ensure quality and consistent service delivery.
  • Staff training will be a large focus of changes required with a new approach to advising clients being central to the new model, adopting a re-enablement approach.
  • Change management strategies for staff may well be needed for staff retention in a change environment.
  • Planning for client retention in a competitive market by building a strong relationship and loyalty with clients.
  • Expansion to provide additional services and investment in the latest technology could be an imperative.

Procura’s innovative, scalable and proven solution is NDIS compliant.

As a leading supplier of Community and Disability Service Solutions, Procura is aiding our customers by improving organisational capacity to meet the growing need for more integrated management of disability service provision, to achieve optimum care outcomes. Procura’s rich functionality is NDIS compliant and provides staff with case management tools, integrated care and service planning, multi-disciplinary assessments and documentation templates, workflow tools and alerts and custom reports for rapid, informed decisions.

Procura provides a fully integrated back office disability services, clinical and mobility solution that decreases costs, and enables providers to improve the quality of client care.

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