Lessons to be learned from CDC for NDIS

Is your organisation ready for the NDIS market?

NDIS- lessons that can be learnt from the CDC experience of Community Care Providers

National Disability Insurance Scheme

Making the fundamental change to a uniform National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), from a previously often fragmented, paternalistic and state based system to one that is consumer driven is complex and challenging. Providers need to learn a new language, develop new processes and services tailored to their client’s needs while training their staff to help their clients to make the transition; assisting clients to understand the new model with self-directed support and funding frameworks.

Providers can thrive in this new competitive, open market by embracing change, expanding to provide additional services and investing in the latest technology. There is a tremendous amount of work involved and lessons can be learned from the CDC experience of Community Care Providers.

As the reforms are about providing sustainable support and empowering the disabled in a time of great change, it’s important to manage the transition well. Providers managing the change to Consumer Directed Care (CDC) for community care found that investing time and resources to change management was vital for their organisations to grasp the culture and mind shift needed. Underestimating the scale of the change necessary was another problem, some CDC providers faced. Re-education of staff and clients to the new model, new ways of providing care management and new funding procedures was also critical to being prepared for the essential changes.

Investment in new technologies was also crucial to aiding their financial and administrative departments to make the transition efficiently and cost effectively.

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