Ways to reduce CDC administrative costs for aged and community care organisations

With the new CDC reforms generating more administration work in the Aged and Community Care sectors, providers are looking for ways to reduce the workload and associated costs.

Embracing technology to automate matching of invoices to purchase orders and other business logic can increase productivity and deliver cost efficiencies. Manual data entry of invoices is slow, error-prone and has higher associated costs. Invoices can be misplaced; approvals delayed and knowing exactly where an invoice is in the approval process can be difficult.

Automating the process will speed up capturing and uploading of invoice data to the finance department; reduce the processing times and costs, while increasing the visibility of the account reconciliation and approval procedure across the entire organisation. The Procura Accounts Payable Automation software powered by Redmap, removes errors, and shortens the approval cycles, as multiple approvals can be managed from anywhere, any time. Productivity of this process can be increased up to 100%, with only the small percentage of matching exceptions needing manual verification. End-to-end transparency is achieved with all outstanding payables being immediately visible; invoices are routed to the appropriate resource for authorisation; whether the invoice covers single client or bulk charges, charges against the individual client package or budget are automatically reconciled and applied with the applicable authorisations being granted.

An audit trail is created, with the entire invoice administration being tracked. Configured dashboards provide real-time snap shots of the processing and provide the finance team with full control, together with critical report data. Contact us to learn more about the Procura Accounts Payable Automation solution.

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