Fresh concerns expressed around the CDC readiness by key industry speakers.

There have been a number of concerns expressed recently by leading members of the industry about the industry‘s readiness for CDC implementation by 1st July. The need to embrace new technologies for CDC compliance was one of the challenges raised.

In the recent article ‘Provider readiness in doubt as CDC deadline approaches’, (Australian Ageing Agenda, February 6, 2015)  Jason Howie, CEO of KinCare, is reported noting at a CDC Forum, his concerns that the industry was “not ready at this point in time.” Mr Howie also pointed out that,

“the transformation in the industry from a paternalistic approach to a consumer driven approach was very complex.”

Cynthia Payne, CEO of SummitCare said at the same forum in Sydney, February, 2015,

“There is an underestimation of what it was going to take to make such a fundamental change,”

Included in a recent article titled “Culture Shift” (The Senior, March’15), were concerns also expressed by Leading Aged Services Australia Chief Executive Patrick Reid, who estimated only 25 per cent of providers were prepared for the change to CDC.

The industry leaders concerns mainly centred on the issues of change management, ICT infrastructure investment and some providers lack of capital to invest, re-education of both staff and consumers, administrative systems, care processes and the tremendous amount of work involved to achieve the transition to CDC. Mr Howie has foreshadowed that,

“there would a slower transition than the government had intended.’’

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References: Australian Ageing Agenda, February 6, 2015 & The Senior, March’15

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