Procura’s Client and Family Portal – Meeting the CDC Challenge of Improving the Client Communication and Service Experience.

With the advent of the CDC reforms in Home Care there is now a requirement for significantly improved communication and transparency between client and provider.

Procura’s Client and Family Portal, which is fully integrated with Procura’s Homecare Client Management System, is the gateway to empowering the Client Connection. It improves client involvement and communication with both provider and the clients’ care network; by supporting consumer choice and enabling efficient management of schedule requests and changes.

Procura’s Client and Family Portal provides an extra layer of transparency for the client by providing easily accessed insights into both their budget and schedule information. Clients have the ability to view schedule information, request changes or new services, confirm services have occurred, share documents, view listed invoices and statements and pay invoices by credit card. They can also share and post messages and photos to their family and their care network via a secure portal, achieving improved and effective communication.

  • Providers benefit from reduced administration, handling and postage costs with Online availability of invoices and invoice payments.
  • Clients are more aware of their care schedule.
  • Families are more informed of their loved ones care.
  • Calls to the contact centre or case manager are reduced.
  • Invoices can be paid by credit card.
  • More efficient and flexible management of schedule requests and changes.
  • Access is enabled from a variety of mobile devices.
  • Direct online access for Clients to view their Budget, their Forecast of Service – their Package.
  • Increased communication and collaboration with Clients and their families.
  • Surpassing expectations in Customer Engagement & Responsiveness.

Procura’s Client and Family Portal bridges the communication gap between organisation, client and their care network, facilitating a central view of the Client’s Finances, Scheduled Service Plan, and Care Plan. It delivers client control and visibility.

Procura’s quality healthcare software solutions, including its advanced web-based SaaS solution, are uniquely suited to support the exploding demand in the Australian aged, community care and disability sectors. Procura are market leaders in Aged, Community Care and Disability Client Management Software. Procura’s complete Home Care Suite offers the Operational, Case Management, CDC Package Management, Financial and Clinical tools necessary for excellent client management and improved client care.

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