Preparing for Consumer Directed Care (Part 2)

Easy and efficient access to client information and budgeting will be a key to ensuring CDC success.

Some ways providers can prepare to achieve CDC success is through the adoption and maximisation of some of the latest technology including client and family access portals. Procura’s Carespan is a client and family portal fully integrated with Procura’s Home Care Solution. It provides enhanced communication between provider/case manager, client and their family members who may be in different locations, spread around the globe. They can view invoices and statements, tracking the balances and funding expenditure anytime, anywhere, pay invoices for contributions, view scheduling information and change times and dates if required.  New services can be requested, appointments planned and confirmed and secure messaging enables family members to connect and share documents, photos and messages. Some of the benefits to providers include improved service provision, reduced calls to contact centres, more efficient management of schedules, cost reductions for invoicing, and increased communication with clients.  Procura’s client and family portal is CDC ready and compliant.

Building internal capacity with robust financial systems and ensuring transparency of costs is critical.

The CDC reforms are about driving the industry to higher levels of excellence in the provision of services. Providers can meet this challenge with the introduction of new back office technologies such as Procura’s Financial Management Module. Procura helps providers to deliver the information in a format that both clients and providers can understand, manage individualised budgets, customise client statements, manage invoices, produce statements and track planned against actual costs, providing better transparency about financial aspects for their consumers. With the integration of financial systems, providers can complete key financial management activities all in a central location. They can analyse and understand the unit cost of service provision, enabling insights that can be acted on in a timely manner, improving efficiency and automating complex reporting.

Technology has an important part to play, achieving improved productivity.

Developing new processes for the delivery of services to ensure they are flexible personalised and meet quality of care standards is equally important. Once again technology can offer solutions for improved efficiency. Procura’s Resource Management provides integrated scheduling for Home Support, Nursing, Aged & Community Care & Case Management and Cluster Care, access to employee schedules and patient information on-line. Travel time and routes can be optimised with the integration of Google Mapping.

No matter the size of the organisation, the new Government directed CDC changes will impact the way providers interact with their clients. Providers who have processes in place to handle complaints, create opportunities for consumer engagement and advocacy, keep staff and clients alike updated with progress and changes as they happen, adapt staff to new philosophies and embrace new technologies will ensure they connect with their clients in a meaningful partnership.



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