Procura Mobile Releases Group Scheduling Solution for Supplemental and Shift-Based Staffing

Victoria, BC (October 2nd, 2014) – Procura announced today that an existing capability of its popular smartphone application has been adapted to utilize its Shift-based Group Scheduling system to support supplemental staffing.  Referred to in the health community as “Clusters” or “Building Designates”, for the past thirty years home care providers have provided a more efficient way of delivering personal support services by reducing travel time and booking staff to one cluster for a defined shift. The Procura Mobile solution permits employees to ‘dovetail’ services to multiple clients in a facility or any environment that has a large population of clients receiving care.  The solution includes an access-driven function that keeps the shift open while permitting the employee to verify and document against the client services as they are delivered.

“Procura has been at the forefront of helping healthcare providers effectively manage services for over 15 years via our mobile application, our telephony-based IVR system and traditional paper-based methods which are rapidly being replaced by mobility,” stated Scott Overhill, CEO of the Procura Group of Companies. “What we have done is operationalize the solution so that both the office and the field staff are ‘in sync’, providing a more efficient and effective scheduling and time and attendance capability.”

The best part is that the supplemental staffing and the cluster care coordination model has been supported with no additional programming effort by Procura’s development team. This is an excellent example of Procura’s overarching design philosophy, which is to build a robust solution that anticipates a number of modes of operation that recognizes the complexity of operations where providers and their funding sources find compelling value in the drive towards efficiencies and automation.

About Complia Health

Complia Health is the multinational software vendor of choice for home care, hospice, private duty, community care, pediatrics services, residential care and aged care organizations across the United States, Canada and Australia.  Our software solutions: the ContinuLink Homecare Platform, the Procura Health Management System, Progresa Healthcare Systems, and the Procura PeoplePoint solutions in Australia, currently serves over at more than 3,100 customer sites, with over 500,000 employees providing care for 1.6 million individuals and managing 45,000 residential beds daily. Our software has been used to care for over 4,000,000 patients and clients and our mobile solutions have successfully deliver 3.4 M visits. Our customers include four of the five largest national providers of care in Canada, Kaiser Permanente and Interim HealthCare in the US, and we are one of the leading vendors of aged, disability, community and home care in Canada and Australia. Procura is headquartered in Victoria, BC and has offices in Chicago, IL; Boca Raton, FL; Sydney, NSW; Melbourne, VIC; and Brisbane, QLD.

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